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ASA's mission is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to own and the knowledge and skill set neccessary to operate computer technology

Since 2002, we have achieved our goals by:
*Designing training programs for adults, children and seniors that focus on the needs of the learner. 
*Using innovative training techniques
*Promoting skill retention by providing easy access to technology
We help community members learn how to use technology in order to build life skills, technological independence and confidence.

In addition to obtaining a new skill set we also provide qualifying students with a home based computer system.  This ensures necessary resources needed for skill retention and continued development.  To date, we have provided over 900 students with free computer systems since 2002.

Many of our students have received job promotions or have started their own businesses after completing our training.

What does a future in computers hold for you?

To get started Call 215-645-4272 Today!

ANSA Educational Services and ASA is an equal opportunity service provider/employer. Reasonable accommodations will be made for those with physical disabilities.


Whiz Kidz  at Lea School
4700 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139 
215-645-4272 ofc.
267-581-8888 ofc. cell 

Need computers for your child care center, church or non-profit group? We have a special package that includes:
~ 10 Pentium computer systems: Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse
~ Free onsite training for staff members
All for only $800 down - and we will deliver your lab - 12 interest free payments of $100


Whiz Kids Computer Clubs
~ Computer clubs for children ages 5 through 17
~ Children learn various topics from how to build their own computer to using computer software
~ Click the link on the left to learn more or call


ASA Technology Academy, Inc.
@Lea Elementary School
4700 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139

Summer Camp 2017 Application

ANSA Educational Services

OST – Cyber School Community Learning

A New Step Ahead

Who We Are…

·         ASA Whiz Kids is a technology program that uses fun activities and project based learning to promote computer education, academics and physical activity. Whiz Kidz @ Lea School and Locke School programming is geared to grades K – 5. Middle and upper school programs are also available.


Why We Exist...

·         Philly’s youth are more likely to become victims (or participants) of criminal activities at a young age mostly due to lack of positive engagement and supervision during out of school time. Whiz Kids tackles this problem head on by engaging, educating and changing the way kids think about future possibilities and understand there are benefits for those who follow rules, do well in school and use their imaginations for good.


Click and type applications: Save and attach to email. Send to ansaost@gmail.com